meena game - The game of minarets with education

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meena game

The game of minarets with education



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Every kid loves minnows, they can learn many things by watching minnie cutters Minnie Cut An Education New CartoonScreenshot_2019-08-10-10-07-56-66.png
Minar katoon has created the game of minarets.Screenshot_2019-08-10-10-08-01-34.pngAmy's got a pretty good educational game. Everyone likes kids and I love this game is really well i like to this game.Screenshot_2019-08-10-10-08-03-90.png


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This is a very entertaining game for kids and also knowledgeable one for them

Hi @rayhan111, as per Posting Guideline 7, games must have an official website. Could you please add one in instead of the Play Store. Please make the change using the edit function. Thanks!

Hi @rayhan111 - Unfortunately your hunt cannot be approved.

Please specifically look at Guideline 3. Product Link

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