Amabrush - Worlds First Fully Automatic Toothbrush

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Worlds First Fully Automatic Toothbrush



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Hunter's comment

Tired of brushing your teeth in the morning?

Looking for a better, easier way to clean those teeth of yours?

Well, Rawdawg stumbled across this dandy of an invention. . .

Amabrush- Worlds first fully automated toothbrush!!

This innovative new brush cleans your teeth in 10 seconds!!!

Pretty cool if you ask me!

You insert a mouthpiece and press a button and voila, 10 seconds later all your teeth have been cleaned.

I can see this product creating better oral hygiene for its users. . Many people find the task of brushing their teeth 2-3 tines per day excessive, however that is what is recommended by dentists.

I’m someone who is a teeth brushing freak so I am totally into this cool new invention.

A majority of all oral hygiene issues are because people don’t brush enough or properly. Amabrush solves both.

I normally don’t get too excited over new ways to do old things, but this one really caught my attention.

Prices range from 129 Euro for the basic to 179 Euro for the advanced set. . .

Not cheap, but possibly well worth the cost.



Hunter: @rawdawg

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