Soil CLock - Clock with Free Energy

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Soil CLock

Clock with Free Energy



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Hunter's comment

In search of alternative and environmentally friendly energies, great ideas have emerged. One of them:

Soil CLock

It is a minimalist watch that works with only mud and water
With this watch forget to use batteries.! They pollute our planet a lot.

It also has a good design, and with the plants you can give a decorative touch to the place where you use it.



Hunter: @raulmz

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Omg Todays best hunt really this clock feature so now make so many interesting products.Thanks for sharing keep it up

Hi @raulmz,

Thanks for yet another hunt. Before I can approve it, please update the product link to actually point at the product.

This is the correct link, not the link to the shop’s category:

Let me know when you’ve made requested change so I can finalize this review.




Thanks, approved.

As a botanist, I would I am particularly impressed with this simple, yet very innovative invention. The plants can serve ornamental purposes while the clock provides avenue for time checking - 2 in one usefulness while saving our environment from the pollution effects of disposable batteries. Awesome!

Great Hunt!


Would really love to give that a try since to be honest I only heard bad stuff about similar products. And after reading a study about that soil-electricity thing I really doubt a little plant like this on the picture provides enough energy for the clock to run properly long term.

Keep on the good work!

Love this approach and excellent idea. Again it has been proved that some basic science and a little clever thinking can make many things working. Nice.

It's a really cool item. All it needs is water and mud! It's really impressive. I think this will help the Earth's environment. Thank you for sharing!!

Hey, you all the f***** sh** comment abusers who constantly leaving shameful blah blah blah to get the pennies from Steemhunt. @steemhunt should really stop upvoting these comment fu**ers.

Half of them are just saying, "this is great blah blah blah...." Did you even visit the website and comment? Did you even try to think how to use this product? If then, you must have a lot of questions for the hunters so that the hunter can dig out more information about this product. For example:

  • So how much watering would be required to provide the constant power?
  • Is it gonna be working in any types of wet plant by just plugging into or a specific mud is required?
  • Is there some types of plants are necessary to provide right power usage?
  • What size is this clock?
  • Where can I purchase it?

Those questions may be asked by you guys if you are a real hunter who actually looked the product/website because yeah, the concept is super cool, but the website did not provide not many information.

Shame on you guys all the f***** penny pickers comment abusers.
(self-voted to show this comment to the other f**** abusers who are writing up the f***** comments more now).

Amazing to know about this environmentally friendly "Soil Clock"

Due to Soil Clock now we get rid off batteries problem which produce lot of pollution in environment. It is awesome that in this process works with only mud and water.

Thanks @raulmz for introducing such product.

This clock is very innovative. Mud and water can be alternative energy sources to replace batteries. It also has a good design. It is perfect at home

Soil Clock is an antique piece - would love to have one of it. A clock which works with mud and water that's really hard to believe. Great innovation by the mariekestaps team. Nice hunt.

Beautiful looking watch. I wouldn't mind having this on my desk, every day. The fact that it's also sustainable and is powered using mud is just amazing.

What a awesome clock. I’ve never seen this such before. The technology built upon is super, NIce Hunt

Why not? @raulmz Amazing hunt to use the free energy of plants themselves.... Environment friendly is the way to go! Keep up the hunts!

This shows one more time that science and a very simple idea can create amazing things and shows that innovation have absolutely no borders. Never heard before of a clock that can run only with only mud and water, but kudos for the ones behind the project as we do need more and more Eco-friendly solutions and of course Eco-friendly products.

I like simple design and environmental effects of this clock. I am wondering how works this clock with dust and water. Nice hunt!!

Aparr from telling time.The plant also absolves the excess CO2 in the air as well as making your room more homely

Very innovative thinking and easy to use environment-friendly product that can play a huge role in making this world cleaner.

Incredible hunt Soil Clock with Free Energy. Waiting for more amazing hunts from your side. Thanks

What makes me curious is how it works? How come water and mud can be a source of energy for a clock, awesome.

@raulmz Cool hunt. what an innovative idea to use free energy with this clock for plants. This is definitely environmental friendly. Great hunt.

This clock is very interesting. It is free energy and eco-friendly. Awesome product

That's great hunt @raulmz
Renewable energy that works just from mud and water. For lives today we need environmental friendly products to care our earth.

Rocking your Hunt 🤩

Most lovable Soil CLock

Really, its design looks great. This is a very unique and environmentally friendly watch. This clock works with soil and water and the battery is not used. I think this is a very useful watch for the people.

Awesome hunt! best of luck 👍👍👍

You're showing the quality that stands out in the contest! Let's leave the boat thank you. Good luck with winning this contest!


Excellent hunt

Watch that run on using mud and water.

Very innovative thinking.

Hey, @raulmz you found smart clock which works without any battery soil clock eco friendly overall great hunt

great features and benefits of this product are:

  • minimalist watch
  • works only with mud and water.
  • With this clock, forget to use batteries.
  • have a good design
  • and with plants you can give a decorative touch to the place where you use it.

62cfa0ad-407acef3-Presentation1.png ini
this is really great hunting, hours by using water as a substitute for this battery that is very innovative, I really want to have it.

Clock that runs on mud and water! Wow! Time to ditch batteries. The world need this, more of this!

Nice hunt @raulmz!

I like this clock very much as it needs no batteries, no solar and no wind to power it. It just needs soil and water to keep it going.

I like the wooden design of this and it would look nice in any room.


  • No batteries required
  • Looks nice


  • Website dosn't open for me (404 error), so I can't find any more information about this product

Soil clock is really a energy free and environment friendly clock which runs without battery and continues to work with mud and water. New invention and great hunt.

How does this work? I don't understand, but it claims to be working, which is the most important thing. This is truly amazing, to see new technologies coming up, this is encouraging. Great hunt to new discoveries.

Wow! this is something really cool, innovative and unique idea for sure. I have never heard any watch can be functional with the help of mud but Soil CLock really gave me a surprise in a positive way.

Brilliant Product and an awesome HUNT <3

Keeping in view the huge number of clocks in the world, if we take another look at this product, we see its potential to contributing in making this world a better place. Thumbs up.

The process of producing electricity using pollen as a generator is very impressive. I think that if you make the design of the clock in the picture a little better now and make it suitable for the interior, more people will use it.

I like the idea to use the energy from the surrounding soil of nature. This clock can work outdoors as good as indoors you just need to have contact with the soil. Very ecological friendly product with good design. Thanks for sharing!

Nice hunt @raulmz This is an environmentally friendly clock! Good to know that this really works without the usual baterries. It looks nice in design and as a bonus we got a friendly earth plant!

Great hunting.
wood type design, no worry about battery,
I am looking for deck clock now. I wanna buy this item. Thanks

Excellent hunting, no doubt the use of battery is lagging behind, and that is very important for the environment, you always have to choose alternative energy to take care of our planet, Soil CLock is a minimalist watch that works only with mud and water, what will always work, and we will completely forget about the batteries, besides that its design is very beautiful and will give the home or office nursery a natural whole.

Awesome as every little bit helps; however, I am curious as to how this clock works and if it keeps accurate time. Is there a need to keep the mud and water at a certain consistency and temperature?

This clock works with the wires running into the soil and thats the energy source. Very great for outdoors and indoors as well. Ecological friendly and very nice natural design...very good Hunt!

I think this is a very innovative product. Many electronics are convenient but have environmental concerns. But I think that this product is very good product for the human being because it can protect the environment while enjoying convenience and accuracy of electronic products!

Wow this is so amazing hunt! I just love that idea! Where can I get this clock? Thank you for sharing, keep it hunting and steem on!

Clock run with mad and water battery its nice and eviromental product. Every big idea start with small product and then colaboration of idea make it big

This clock with free energy is very cool product.

A clock without batteries and looks great is really an awesome product. I found this hunt perfect.

This is a good idea, I like the natural wood look of the clock. And I guess if you forget to water your plants and the soil goes dry, it will not conduct electricity and the clock will stop working which will act as a reminder to water them.

Clean design, great features and above all, environment-friendly product. Congratulations on getting ranked at top.

Best one,,,

Aswame hunt..

Keep it up......

So usefull app...

Best one product,,,

Aswame hunt.. #upvoted

Best of luck



Stop using Steemhunt you f**** comment abuser

great product the renewable energies are of great importance and that this works for the cimple echo of being connected to two floors is the best great hunting

Wao!! really innovative source of energy.
I never thought of such a source of energy we can get from.
Impressive Hunt

Producing energy from as little as some water and mud is pretty amazing. While scaling is an issue with this, there are still applicable cases like this that just put us on the right track.

Really Thats so great and impressive hunt.Very beautiful watch.Very great environment friendly watch.Very unique design.This is best feature of this watch.It works with mud and water.I never watch this type of watch in my life.Also use battery.Really technology going to much faster.Really very great hunt.Everyone like this great watch.Thanks for sharing.

So nice and beautiful clock . I really have to buy something like this for my yard thanks a lot for this option

Watches are produced to show people time. This is the same time, but with a difference this clock works with the earth.

Good hunting. This looks better than a normal clock and we don't need to send anymore batteries to recycle or landfill.

It is an interesting but also smart idea to have a clock that is working with mud and water. Perfect hunt.

Soil CLock is clock with Free Energy.With this type of technology we don't need to use battery anymore.
It is a minimalist watch that works with only mud and water. Great hunt

Soil CLock works with normal energy, the battery is not used. An eco-friendly watch. This watch works with earth and water. It is easy to use and simple.

I like the watches that are produced differently at this time and are very different and beautifully designed. It will add a beautiful air to your home.

Woooow very beautiful ⏰ clock fantastic post

Soil CLock is a clock with Free Energy. I am so impressed with your hunt. Thanks

Minimalist, nice design, environment-friendly, cost-effective are some of its pros. I don't see any considerable cons for this product.

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Very nice presentation. I am really happy that great technology is sharing here.


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