Butterfleye Security Camera - Facial Recognition Security Camera

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Butterfleye Security Camera

Facial Recognition Security Camera





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The Butterfleye security camera has advanced facial recognition which allows the home owner to receive notifications for specific people and even for pets.

24 hours streaming surveillance anywhere in the world

audio 2 way communication so you can speak to people in the home

video capture may be monitored from the app on your phone.

The facial recognition feature makes this camera extremely effective for monitoring your home. Not only are you notified of any intrusion, but you can customize the notifications for specific family and friends.




Hunter: @rangertx


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Hi @rangertx,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on!


Advanced facial recognition
Surveillance streaming 24 hrs. a day worldwide
2 way audio provides communication from the outside to the inside of the home
Video may be monitored from app on your phone
Very effective in monitoring your home
Notifications provided


None that I can see


  • Dice design, great camera quality, portability is awesome


  • When you use their mobile app, it constantly nags you to upgrade to a paid (monthly) service plan
  • Requires a Sync Module


  • incredible posts nices design and great camera


  • Always visit your post.

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