Transparent kayak - See what you've never seen before

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Transparent kayak

See what you've never seen before



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The transparent kayak offers you a incredible views of crystal clear water of lakes, river & ocean. It takes the next higher level of your boating experinced which you never have before & you can trip out with your friend in the water for a unique visibiltiy.


  • 2 people can seat easily & these seats are adjustable.

  • Extremely durable polycarbonate sheeting.

  • Easy to assembles.

  • High Visibility Buoyancy Pouches.

  • Lightweighted & fully secured.

For more information please checkout their website!



Hunter: @raghwendra

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This awesome! Im glad i boosted this hunt, keep up hunting cool products!

This awesome! Im glad
I boosted this hunt, keep up
Hunting cool products!

                 - chuuuckie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It's really an awesome boat to sail in the sea (of course) hahha, you can barely see the things below on you when you sail using this boat, it is a good thing for tourist who wants to sail the sea and wants to have adventure. Nice Job hunter!

The name looks like coming from turkish language "kayak" or maybe turkish language uses that from a different one. Its fund for sure riding it:)

It's given me a new experience with a simple idea. It would be stable if I could see it from below, and even more frightening if I couldn't see anything. I don't think anyone with a phobia can buy it.

Incredible Hunt! Stunning design and adjustable seat for 2 persons and lightweight having more features in this transparent kayak. Enjoy your journey with kayak Good luck and Nice Hunt you shared With us thanks

I really do not like boating but this looks like a lot of excitement. The aesthetic design and the ability to see the water below while moving is totally a worthy thing to experience. Cool hunt

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Thanks for the support @monjam! Really appreciated 👏

lightweight and easy to assemble is all that you need while going for an adventurous trip. A good product but difficult to assemble it makes it annoying and hence not a successful product. With Transparent kayak that is not the case - its just so easy to assemble it make it appealing. Great hunt.

I imagine the ambient that the transparent kayak gives is beatiful and relaxing.

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