Laddroller Wheelchair - Wheelchair can go from seated to standing position instantly

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Laddroller Wheelchair

Wheelchair can go from seated to standing position instantly



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Laddroller is perfect for the disabled people this device help them to evaulate in the standing positon instantly & allowing them to enjoy their task. As we all know disabled peoples suffer from many disease like circualtion & respiration problems just because they unable to stand on his feet so laddroller help them to stand on his feet & did not suffered from like these disease.


  • Able to climb curbs.

  • Its made by high quality metal alloy frame.

  • The wheels initiate the standing positon.

  • Effective & promising product.

  • The wheelchair could help someone reach things they couldn't before.

For more information please checkout their website



Hunter: @raghwendra

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Awesome hunt @raghwendra Love it when products make others life easier! This really is a gamechanger for disabled people, they can easily reach places they were not able to before..

Keep up the hunts and enjoy the day @raghwendra

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It can help the disabled person to rove around with ease, and the best thing about the chair is that it can push the user up as if he/she is standing, which I think is the main purpose of the chair.

This is great technology to help the disabled people to help them climb and in stand position. This technology may help them to achieve like they want to do before. Prevents from vital disease. Just great

Yes this device is fully secured & allow them to climb without taking help from someonelese & thanks for your comment...

Great innovation for wheel chair persons it is very bore to always sit on wheel chair in same position. This wheel chair allows a new position which is good for disable persons.

Yes mate human body doest not make for seated only & thanks for your comment...

The standing feature makes this hunt incredible and superb. It helps to disable persons who want to reach at what is beyond them. Lovely hunt

Amazing equipment for the disabled people! Great hunt, thanks for sharing.

Yes it is & thanks for your compliment.....

Had a great day mate


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