BladeFish 5000 - Sea Jet underwater scooter is perfect for scuba diving

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BladeFish 5000

Sea Jet underwater scooter is perfect for scuba diving


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Hunter's comment

This device help you to move freely in the underwater & make you feel you are the part of marine life. Its allows you to meet thousands of new species or able to see different world in the underwater....

Qualities of BladeFish 5000-:

  • Run Time: 70-120 minutes

  • Max Speed: 3.75 MPH

  • Max Depth: 130 ft. (tested to 160')

  • Charging Time: Ready To Go Charge: 2 hr, Standard Charge: 4 hr

  • Lightweighted



Hunter: @raghwendra

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Nice, this may help scuba divers experience more underwater before they have to come up for air. I'd like to get scuba certified some day . Great hunt @raghwendra

Great hunt @raghwendra When I did my scuba license I had some cramps and I think, this gadget would help you to get out of the waters, when you don't have any power anymore! Informative hunt and good layout!

Keep up the hunts and enjoy the day @raghwendra

Thanks mate for the comment & support....

wow this thing is really awesome!
BladeFish 5000 is great. Its design is so lovely and sleek it really is helpful and prefect for scuba diving. I love it.
BladeFish 5000 helps a lot.
Great hunt and good luck!


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It is a must for divers. You can use fast speed when swimming under water. It looks like it's clean and safe. The price will be an important point of purchasing judgment.

yes @onlyforyou....with this thing divers can swim tirelessly for more time. and it can be operated underwater for 70-120 mins is a great feature along with the depth it can withstand. nice hunt.

Thanks for the comment @sabri18....

Thanks for the comment @onlyforyou. Yes its 100% safe....

Diving with this seems really fun. I would like to try it one day. Great hunt @raghwendra!

Bladefish 5000 looks like avery useful product for divers. I would like to experience it. Perfect hunt.


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