Anvera 55 - Luxurious yacht ever

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Anvera 55

Luxurious yacht ever


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Hunter's comment

From last ten years anvera giving luxirious boating experience to them client. This yacht is not only the lightweight but also an safe & resistance & this yacht built by carbon fiber. However you can taker shower inside as well you can sleep & its one of the best yacht to enjoy peaceful sea.

Qualities of anvera 55

  • Maximum speed 47 kn & cruisng speed is 35 kn.

  • Only 4.9 liters of fuel approximately = 1 mile at 40 knots

  • Resistant & safe.

  • High resistance to stress and impact.



Hunter: @raghwendra

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That's one fancy looking speedboat. I want a yacht to use these boats as dingy's to the shore. Ha! Very nice though.

It's a little difficult for ordinary people to buy, but it's enough to consider renting.


Yes mate i agree with you only rich people can afford that type of yacht....