N-Hug Self Cleaning Bottle - World's Smartest Self Cleaning Water Bottle

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N-Hug Self Cleaning Bottle

World's Smartest Self Cleaning Water Bottle



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Hunter's comment

Wow! Today's water bottle has evolved a lot! Or should i say that i am so impressed for technology that ordinary water bottle can clean itself? That's a good one to have! Let me share my hunt for today. The N-Hug, a Smart self cleaning water bottle. Not just only the bottle itself it can clean, but the water the you put on it can be clean by the UVC Led Technology.

N-hug can be recyclable and rechargeable. Since this is a smart water bottle, it can remind you about drinking water. Insulated design and leak proof. I love the cute colors available, plus the benefits of having a clean 99.99% of water anytime is a good idea to have everyday. Just simply touch the uvc led button and then it can purify and neutralize an ordinary water.

Can keep your hot water up to 15 hours and cold one up to 25 hours. This is a good replacement for plastic bottle consumption and reduce the plastic pollution right? Good for people as well taking care the environment!




Hunter: @rachelleignacio


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Great find. It is wonderful to see more products like this hitting the market. We need to start to take care of ourselves and the world around us.

Thanks for this hunt.

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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Great hunt today but why the score is undervalued...it's sadly enaugh because that's the innovation product of smart water bottle. That can self cleaning also get the pure and clean water.