Flic Hub - Home Control with Smart Buttons

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Flic Hub

Home Control with Smart Buttons



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We're already in 2019 aka in technologically most advanced times in human history but we still have to control our homes manually.


Flic Hub is a solution that helps you do almost each and every task in your home with just one click of button.


Final Remarks

Flic Hub is without a doubt one of the most innovative and advanced tech products in my view. It's indeed a big step forward.

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This is a very smart way to control all home appliance with just a small single button. It makes an amazing solution for family members that they can do anything just pressing the button without movement.

This is a really interesting item.
I've seen a variety of home control systems. But it's simpler than anything else. It'll be really convenient if you can control your home with a single button. It works with just one button, so I think it's most intuitive. I really like it and I'd like to use i lt to control many things in my home. Thank you for sharing.

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Though it simplifies your life with only one-click, we can't fully rely on it. The button can be broken for any reason and it happened most of the time as we don't have control over it.

Nice concept with a touch of innovation. Such products are increasing day by day. And, people are crazy to get hands on it.

Indeed it is a big step forward in the technology.
But, there are already smart home systems which control home appliances through android or IOS, which i guess is more cool.
Even now, home electric appliances can be controlled remotely with the mobile phone.
Anyhow, this one is also a ease in its way. GOOD hunt.

The Flic app is the only way to setup your Flic buttons and the app has issues. Their in-app customer support chat is a nice feature but they don't respond to your chats unless you email them through the website asking them to respond. I understand the developers and customer support are busy but I once had a message to customer support that went unread and not responded to for 34 weeks. The least they can do is read my message and let me know they'll get back to me. I have an active conversation with support in the app that I've been waiting 5 days on a response.

Very Nice and yes Technology have really touched us very deeply in our life and without it as of now it would be really hard for us to survive in most of the times.
While this tech could really get us to see that part for the successful taste of Tech in our homes and make our life some more effective and easy as well :)

Liked it very Much Nice hunt !!

That's a great invention. Controlling electrical devices via smartphone is great, but all I have to do here is press the button. I can put the button anywhere and quickly turn on the lights or turn off the TV. Very good hunting, thank you very much for this information.


Much thanks @depot69 for your feedback and support. yes this is a great innovation for just click a button as compare to all the time using smartphone it is better i think to save time and feel ease.

Nowadays, in the first world countries these smart home control is widely used for easy access of that device with only a button. This is, without a doubt, to bring a future where you can only sit and let the technology control all over it. But there are only few who are using these smart home control in third world countries.

Very innovative product which make all things more easier for you.
In just a one click making your all task in right way is auch a awesome idea to the product designing.
I think the whole idea to making the product is based on the human helping in every manner.
This is meaningful as you wish from that.

A nice way to control your devices with a simple button. Simple but elegant button that connects with your smartphone and can control many devices. This device can program for many activities.
Nice hunt

Interesting concept. I mean this serves a great unique purpose and surely will see mass adoption within in time! Sitting on the couch and pre-heat the oven while watching netflix :D.

Great hunt!

Flic Hub is a great innovation and a wonderful solution to control our home just with a small and smart Button. With this smart button we can do everything very easily and quickly at our home.

I would have one of these next to my bed so I could turn the kettle on when my alarm goes off in the morning, actually I would have a whole control panel of buttons next to my bed to do everything so I didn't need to get up at all. Nice hunt!

Wow!What a great product.I have seen many types of this but this is great.It will be useful for everyone but more useful for older or differently abled.Using this there is no need to move anywhere just sitting we can do.This will save time and energy.
This is definitely a great innovative product.@rabeel

Cool product and it feels like a magical button that reflects our moves precisely this product not only makes life easy but also well suited to everyone, including disable peoples and children. Awesome Hunt

Wow, this is so cool to be abpe to control hings in our home with the touch of a button! im sure its set up so kids cant continually play with it, lol! Todays technology continues to amaze me on a daily basis! I ill be checking out this hunt further! upped!💁💕👍

Love to see how technology is making our life more and more comfortable. Flic hub is an amazing gadgets which offers one click control of electric devices. Great hunt @rabeel

Technology always make our life more easy and flic hub is good example of it. You can control you home smart products with single button. Nice hunt

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