Sega Toys Homestar - Original Classic Home Planetarium

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Sega Toys Homestar

Original Classic Home Planetarium



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Sega Toys Homestar is a device similar to a projector that can display planetarium views into a house by Takayuki Ohira star gazing projection.

Homestar contains star data in the sky of nearly 60,000 stars, pixel density Homestar can make the atmosphere of your home directly under the sky like real.

What needs to be done, adjust the angle, point to the ceiling of the house, turn off the lights and view the planetarium in your house, amazing isn't it?



Hunter: @putrapetir

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  • Great learning opportunity for children.
  • Can project the sky onto your ceiling.


  • None.

This is a great hunt @putrapetir! For sure, those kids or perhaps adults that love astronomy might consider buying this one. They’d enjoy identifying the constellations being mapped by this planetarium.

Congratulations for this great hunt @putrapetir!

Interesting product. I still remember the visits to the planetarium and the excitement and yes, it is not too expensive. Great hunt, @putrapetir.


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This makes me wanna scream, "I WANT THAT!!!" Hahaha! Who doesn't? Seriously, I want the galaxy in my room every night. Childish, but yeah, me want this!


No isn't, I wanna too, the price isn't expensive, and they have different galaxy disks sold separately, damn, haha...

This is really awesome hunt!! For kids and adults, everyone can learn about space in home!!
If you like astronomy you will love it!!

I'm a fan of astronomy. This is something really nice. Having your own planetarium at home. I'm punting this in my to buy list. Thanks for the hunt :)

So cool. This is something I need to get for my kids. Something that is fun and educational like this needs to go mainstream. Looks really detailed and you don't need a telescope to enjoy it. Beauty find

Hi @ putrapetir, phenomenal hunting.
The device is easy to set, and the content of 60 000 stars is really incredible.
Everyone loves to look in the sky with the stars, but in the city it is difficult to see the stars because of street lighting.
This projector gives you a lively look at the sky in your own home.
Everything you need is to have as big a ceiling as possible and to lighten all the lights in the room, so darken the room and the show can start ...
Indeed, the original solution for watching the stars.

I like this toy. It will be perfect to watch the planets in the evening. It will be cool to use it in the evenings and before bedtime.

I have been interested in space and stars since I was young. Since living in a big city, there has been a lot less activity to see the stars in the night sky. I really want this device. I want to buy this and see the stars on the ceiling forever.

amazingly sophisticated technology, with the help of light can make the roof of our house like the atmosphere of a real sky

great hunt @putrapetir

Really impressive product very relaxing to watch the space on your roof :D and if you project some a side wall of stand next to it you feel a bit like you are about to fall over :D :D :D because the entire room feels like it is moving.

I thought this product looked like a different product. But it was a projector about space displays. It has an incredible character. 60,000 stars contain stars in the sky. Spectacular.

Ideal for creating a space environment in your living room. It is sold with different color options. It contains the data of stars and sky. Kids will love it. This is a great projector.

Nice Hunt! Amazing product which shows us the planetarium view on a large screen like a projector with a better quality Thanks for your nice hunt Good luck

I always wanted to have a planetarium in my room. This is the most high tech yet that I saw. I has a detailed projection. Is there really meteor shower like in the video?

This would be awesome when I'm high. I mean it would be awesome for the kids, when they are high

Wao amazingamazing itdon't is a beautifull hunt I like it because it is very beautifull andand its price is very cheap 119 eur only.

This product seems great to me, it's as if we were sleeping looking at the sky, I would love to have one that looks so relaxing, great hunting

This can be a great thing for kids. It can be educational too and they can be very interested in the sky. Design is already looks like a globe and its a good thing for such product. Thanks for sharing

I wish I had such a cool product that is really useful with great features to display. Thanks for sharing this

I watched the video and it is really amazing. I used to have a Sega Console when I was a kid. It is nice to see its new product Sega Toys Homestar. Thanks for sharing.

wow this is amazing ..
I think ill scream too:
Excellent hunt

Oh its really awesome Is that design on 3D concept ?

Really like the idea of this product, especially for teaching kids about the night sky, and our place in it.

It's especially great for people who live in cities, as the light polution means they rarely get to see a lot of stars in the night sky. But even for those living closer to the countryside, where light polution is less, it still makes a great learning device.

Cool hunt @putrapetir! I love gazing up at the stars on a clear night but unfortunately where I live there is a lot of light pollution. This would be a good way to do it inside my own bedroom

I will have one of these. Maybe not today or tomorrow but soon. Good hunt.

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Hy @putrapetir,nice to hear about such a futuristic thing,I'll be much like undersky than in my room,the projector is good and amazing I like it,glad you shared this.