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This three wheeled comes with an advanced lithium ion technology to provide you with a range never seen before on electric motors.

This type of vehicle is vital to our ecosystem as it does no use fuel and thus no pipe emission comes from it.

The Treo can be made connected for remote monitoring of vehicle data such as state of charge, speed, location & more through NEMO*

NEMO is a cloud based mobility platform for the mahindras electric cars.
Charging the trek is as easy as charging your phone, just connected it to a 5 amp output and charge comfortably.



Hunter: @prechi

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A cool 3wheeler and a lovely design too. since it is a Electric 3wheeler a great environmental friendly solution.
Great hunt

our little town is crowded with hundreds of three wheel auto rikshaws. petrol and diesel engines. these type of vehicle will do a revolution in eco system. I think it will take the places of those engines soon. let the environment get cooler for some extent. nice hunt.

wow,, such amazing 3 wheeler this is, electric, strong and powerful batteries and also some extra source of power when you run out of energy .

an electric three wheeler, as you already said, this will donate lot in our ecosystem and avoid pollution gotten from other vehicles

Really cool product and I like it cause it's quite spacious and can easily carry 3 to 4 peoples along with luggage in addition it runs with battery power means a significant decrease in noise and environmental pollution. Excellent Hunt

There will come a time when everyone will start to use such tools. Because they are both small and practical use of these tools have a very strong structure.

These tiny vehicles are ready to use and will help you a lot in the city. You'll feel like you're in a mini house. Also, charge the phones easily.

Not a recommended tool for long roads. But you can have a preference in the city and at close distances. You can have a nice ride with this. You can use the garden in your cottage.

Nice technology but i think it will not travel long route.


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