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Pedego Elevate




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This Elevate Electric bike comes with some cutting edge technologies that will be sure to elevate your riding experience. The fine frame geometry is specifically designed for the best mountain ride. It is very lightweight and gives you a silent and smooth ride even up hills and rugged terrains.

Sophisticated software fits your riding style like glove. You can customize your settings with a bluetooth connected smartphone app. A special left hand switch provides accurate, easy shifting between power-assist modes.

This also comes with strong lithium batteries that last long enough to provide you an all day ride.



Hunter: @prechi

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This looks like a pretty cool bike, but what is an EMTB? Why does it need batteries? Is it an E-bike? I am a little confused here

This is the perfect ride for a mountain cruise, be sure to be at full performance with this super e-bike.

nice mountain bike this is,, perfect for a trip to the mountains or just some cool riding even on rough terrains.

It has easy-to-shift technology and a way to keep you on track smoothly on rough terrain. It is a product that needs to be supported because it is environmentally friendly.

This bike is so cool I must say, agile frames, powerful motors and a lightweight bike all together,, perfect mountain bike.

This electric bike is very strong and have lightweight which gives it the ability to climb higher mountains. This is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Nice hunt


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