NEXIA BRIDGE - Stay connected to what matters most

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Stay connected to what matters most



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This helps you unify all your smart home automation and control them from anywhere. Just get yourself a Nexia bridge.

It simply serves as an interface between your smartphone and all your smart home gadgets.

One App for All of Your
Smart Devices
Streamline your smart home system with the Nexia app. Compatible with every smartphone operating system. . With Nexia, you have the flexibility to monitor and control your home’s temperature, locks, lights, and even your garage door from virtually.

This is very easy to configure and works with both android, IOS and windows.

Stay smart always



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i'm afraid this post was 40% plagiarism so this has been delisted. we do however look forward to your next hunt. please read the guidelines regarding copy and pasting please. thank you.


I am so sorry, I had put some in a quote. I didn't know that I didn't put the mark down properly. Please I have quoted it now.

Stay connected to what matters most with the Nexia Bridge. As the hub of the home automation system, the Nexia Bridge—supported by Z-wave wireless technology—allows you to monitor and control locks, lights, thermostats and more—and even program them to work in conjunction with one another. Best of all, you can control all the Nexia compatible products from any Internet-enabled smart phone, tablet or computer.

This is like an hub or central server to control your devices from your work station, great hunt