Astrobot kit - Zoom into space with the latest UBTECH JIMU Robot AstroBot S

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Astrobot kit

Zoom into space with the latest UBTECH JIMU Robot AstroBot S



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Hunter's comment

With this kit, you can build three different robots which are Astrobot, Rover or Astro.
Jimu has an app that will guide you with 3D videos on a step by step process on how to build with this kit. Just download the Jimu app.

This is a nice robotic kit to help groom your kids to love coding and robotics.
This will also need a compatible android or IOS device and works with a Bluetooth speaker, one infrared sensor and two LED lights



Hunter: @prechi

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Getting gadgets like this as a companion for our kids while growing up is awesome, the world is full of tech stuffs and they have to be part of it too.

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Best Robot Toy hunt from you @prechi

Robotic kit for kids ,it come with good specification.

Kids like a lot,using this they learn coding and programming knowledge too.

Nice work

Happy Hunting


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