Trashbot - Making the recycling clever yet easier

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Making the recycling clever yet easier



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Let's face it, recycling can be difficult and challenging. To worsen the whole scenario, oftentimes, the rules of recycling vary according to one's location and could be very complex. To simply throw the rubbish into the correct recycling bin is actually not that simple. All these contribute to the low recycling rates because people are discouraged.

However, CleanRobotics managed to see this gap and since created Trashbot, which could significantly assist people in recycling.

One might ask, by how?

Well, Trashbot will use AI technology with cleverly designed robotics to sort thrown rubbish at the point of disposal. This means people won't have to worry anymore when they would like to throw the rubbish. Not only that, Trashbot could potentially encourage people to recycle more and improve the quality of the recycled rubbish. The data could also be obtained to facilitate the best waste disposal action. Hence, this is definitely one wonderful product.



Hunter: @plokmi

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  • Lack of easy availability of the product

I think Indonesia needs this tool LOL


Amazingly, we would be spared from having to sort garbage, your Artificial Intelligence system would do it all. It seems to me that due to its size and use, it would be ideal to be used in hotel rooms, restaurants, shopping centers or similar.

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  • Classify recyclable materials.
  • Reduces custody costs.
  • Provide waste data.
  • Allows the integration of a monitor


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