Solar Impulse - A fully 100% solar powered flight

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Solar Impulse

A fully 100% solar powered flight



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Solar Impulse is ultimately one attempt made by the Solar Impulse Foundation to advocate the usage of clean and green energy. It fully shows the world how the cleaner alternatives of energy could be powerful enough to drive the whole journey of flight across the globe.

At the same time, Solar Impulse is also essentially being dubbed as 'a flying laboratory with clean technologies' because it is well equipped with the most cutting-edge yet innovative inventions. These innovations not only allow the Solar Flight to be successfully flying the globe, but also provide clear proofs that a clean future is possible.

If you like the idea, definitely consider to join the supporters program. You can inspire the rest of the world that a clean future is possible! Link to the program is located here. Link to the coverage for the Solar Impulse here.



Hunter: @plokmi

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Hey, @plokmi you found new things which will change the way of system every things going to run on solar power overall great hunt

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Excellent, the intention of this project and the projection into the future is very important. Alternative energy sources will determine the future of the world.

Thanks for share this hunt!

This is good to see. The move is to renewable energy. This is a great accomplishment for the Solar Impulse Foundation.

Great job Solar Impulse Foundation, such an innovative idea to stop using fossil fuel and using solar power. I would be delighted to be part of the supporters program.

@plokmi excellent hunting cards
beautiful product very appreciated by people who like to fly
Thank you very much for teaching us this new product
Happy hunting


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