SafariSeat - A wheelchair which is open source and revolutionary

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A wheelchair which is open source and revolutionary



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People in developing countries are always facing difficulties to simply buy one wheelchair because they are not only cheap but also not widely available. With the visionary goal of empowering people in developing countries, SafariSeat is created.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this innovation is not the actual product itself, but the grand roadmap this product wishes to achieve. It aims to let the local community itself to create and repair the SafariSeat through the open source toolkit, effectively allow the wheelchair to be sustainable in the said countries.

Interested in supporting this cause and awesome product, you could still sponsor them on this GoFundMe page!



Hunter: @plokmi

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  • It had a simple and unique mechanism for climbing over rough terrain.
  • It cost less which makes it easy for people in urban areas to posses.
  • It has an improved biomechanical efficiency which can control both speed and power (torque).

Great hunt 👍

I understand that wheelchairs are not that common in some countries, so making it readily available in such countries is something worth being happy about. Thanks for the hunt.

I'm and will always be glad when I see an open source project. Safariseat will get bigger for the people when the people who can support it do the needful.
Great hunt there 👍

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