PowerCorner - Minigrids designed to power up the rural areas

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Minigrids designed to power up the rural areas



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Oftentimes, in the rural areas especially, the people are forced to utilize energy generation devices in order to obtain accessible electricity simply because they are off-grid. Unfortunately, such energy generation devices are not only expensive to purchase and maintain, they are also not environment-friendly because they emit polluting effluents to the atmosphere.

However, with this smart social innovation, the problem is effectively tackled! Introducing the PowerCorner. This clever solution essentially combines the extraction of solar energy and smart meters to allow the users pay whatever they use only. Particularly, the smart meters technology is very useful because in such electricity scarce area, users could identify what are the most energy-intensive usage and optimize the utilization efficiently.

PowerCorner is also easily deployable and replicable. The first product was already been set up in Ketumbeine, Northen Tanzania and it is definitely a success!




Hunter: @plokmi


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A very combined event that combines solar energy, mobile money, prepaid smart counter, modular design, efficient devices and social participation. It is great that it has been established and successfully achieved in Tanzania. I like it because it is a product that is sensitive to the environment. Nice hunt.

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This is a lovely initiative to assist rural communities where there's no access to electricity. Harnessing a sustainable energy and billing system depending on your usage is a really helpful solution.


  • Renewable energy
  • Help a lot of poor people
  • Already has a working product


  • None

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