MT-Power - Thrive to provide cheapest supply of thermal energy

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Thrive to provide cheapest supply of thermal energy



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Yes, I know what are you thinking. You might be wondering, is this just another typical solar panel? Well, to be honest, it is kinda similar that it still uses solar energy, but this innovative product actually capture the heat energy from the Sun instead of the conventional light energy.

Introducing the MT-Power by TVP Solar. The underlying technology for this product is the implementation of solar thermal panel instead of photovoltaic panel. It is actually much more efficient to capture the heat energy directly and use them for heating or production of electricity. One interesting feature is that MT-Power's panel is under vacuum and it basically allows the product to stay efficient and durable for at least 25 years, cutting down the costs drastically! Not to mention, this product by TVP Solar is also certified internationally as the world's best performing solar thermal collector! It is perfect for domestic usage or even industrial purpose.

Contact them to get quotation today!



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this is a great innovation. now we have another way to use solar energy. let's see how it will evolve. thanks for sharing )

Wow, this is a very ingenious gadget because it uses the same resource in two different ways and transforms them into totally clean and efficient electric energy. An excellent way to take advantage of the thermal potential that the sun's rays offer, in addition this gadget also offers us a potential very long useful life at a very low cost.

Nice hunt, a very useful and well design device.

This look like excellent technology. Thermal energy works well, The house I live in has a thermal tube hot water system that produces plenty of hot water. Nice to see different options.


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