Mr. Trash Wheel - Your neighbourhood river cleaner

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Mr. Trash Wheel

Your neighbourhood river cleaner



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Hunter's comment

This genius and cleverly-designed innovation was being used in the river of Baltimore to contribute to the removals of trash and debris. Introducing Mr. Trash Wheel!

This innovation intelligently utilize the currents of the river as the main power to turn the water wheel which could bring the trash and debris into its dumpster barge. There is also a solar panel which was installed in order to provide assistance power if the current is not strong enough. This whole process is pretty much self-automated and then Mr. Trash Wheel will be towed away by boat when the dumpster is full! What's make this so awesome is that, all the trash collected would be incinerated to provide electricity as well!

If you are fascinated by this innovation, consider donate to support this cause!



Hunter: @plokmi

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Hi @plokmi,

Thanks for your hunt.I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

I'm sure your review is undervalued and it's right to get help to crawl up to the Top 100. Why ?, because i think it's "COOL".

@plokmi, tips for your next hunt.
you can use the video related to your product. for example :

Why do I like this product, because in my area, the river experiences bad things too. Many people throw litter, even other wastes are thrown there. This kind of innovation is needed, and I am sure it will be very useful for environmental cleanliness.

In addition, this tool also has a solar panel as a support for the engine. More energy efficient, and environmentally friendly.

ahh, thanks for the tips! Will definitely do so next time!

:) you are welcome @plokmi

It is a great project for protecting environment, sure it should be supported and donated. Thanks for the information. Great hunt.

Hi @plokmi , I am definitely aggree with @calprut. This hunt deserves better rank ( at least it is in top 100) I am sure it will be better with @calprut 's advices. Congratulations for this hunt. Best wishes.

Great Hunt...
This product takes care of aquatic pollution autonomously.


We have upvoted your post for your contribution within our community.
Thanks again and look forward to seeing your next hunt!

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