Leka - A cleverly designed multi-sensory toy for exceptional kids

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A cleverly designed multi-sensory toy for exceptional kids



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Oftentimes, children with special needs could not connect well with the real world simply because the toys are not being "user-friendly" for them.

However, Leka is here for the rescue! Leka is specially designed and equipped with interactive multi-sensors. This robot could offer children with special needs a whole new experience to play and learn something new. The most crucial feature of this robot IMO is that it could teaches the children how to recognise social interactions and enhance cognitive skills.

Besides being just fun, Leka also provides a way for the therapists to carefully craft the therapy programs for the exceptional kids. It could be configured according to various needs, hence is the perfect tool to teach them.

Overall, I would say, this is definitely one interesting and cool product!




Hunter: @plokmi


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Wow this is very useful for kids with social interaction issues. It will be a good way to enhance and improve them

This is impressive as children with disabilities can find it very difficult to interact with their peers. This gives them a chance to feel normal and associate

I like this type of hunts, I find this type of equipment excellent, it is more than a toy it is a tool to help in the development of special children. Great hunt

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