Flexibuster - Harnessing the full potential of food waste

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Harnessing the full potential of food waste



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One man's rubbish is another man's gold. This saying is particularly true for the owners of Flexibuster, because with the innovative product, organic waste could be literally transformed into green energy. According to the FAQs, you will only need 1 cubic meter of waste to power 1 unit of household electricity, and payback period is only 2-6 years!

The Flexibuster incorporates the multi-award winning technology to create one fully automated and could be remotely controlled waste box. Be sure to check it out! And if you are interested, contact them to get a quotation!




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Wow~! It is really eco-friendly and makes our environment more clean. What a good system!

Great hunt! It could help save the earth by green energy. I think it's very important for us and I hope it would improve our life. Thank you sharing a impressive product.

This is one of those devices that can potentially change and improve the world by providing a sustainable and ecological energy generation alternative. A very innovative device that takes full advantage of the organic material and easily converts it into energy that we can use as we wish.

Awesome job, this product It's definitely a game changer.

That is so true one mans trash is another mans treasure ... This will help reduce the effect of decaying foods around us and as well help boost our eco system .. Great hunt here

This is a great hunt, they are now shipping only to UK, USA and EU Customers, but I hope soon they ship to other developing countries. The payback time of the product is 2-6 years, however, I feel, there will be many rich people / hotel industries, who would not be worried about that, and instead use this, to reduce waste and get energy at the same time, for social goodness.

Wow! This would be great for restaurants and other people within that logistics chain. Small communities can benefit too, imagine powering up a town hall from the waste "donated" by the neighborhood. The 2-6 year payback time also makes this a good investment. Good find.

WOW @plokmi, you got really innovative product

The concept is: convert Sewages to Green Energy. Indeed, there have been many applications of this kind of technology, but you really find one of the best.

With energy production from waste, we can get 2 advantages:

  1. Environmentally friendly, the environment becomes cleaner.
  2. We can get renewable, unlimited energy.

This hunt is top notch, what a way to recycle our waste, Great hunt.

This hunt is top notch,
What a way to recycle
Our waste, Great hunt.

                 - jonsnow1983

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It is really true that all is possible by technology and it is again prove by this Flexibuster. It is also eco friendly and clean our environment. Nice hunting.

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