Cycle Farms - Innovating and revolutionizing how agriculture works

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Cycle Farms

Innovating and revolutionizing how agriculture works



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Cycle Farms is essentially one innovative and clever product. Organic waste is not wasted, instead recovered and transformed by natural process, powered by technology to become protein.

The underlying working solution is simple. Cycle Farms garner the fruit and vegetable waste from nearby organic waste producers to raise insects. The insects, which grow slowly overtime, would be processed into a protein-rich feed for the fish and poultry. This does not only effectively reduces and reuses organic waste, it also provides so much nutrients for the fish and poultry whilst at the same time, reduces the costs.

Cycle Farms has already brought this solution to West Africa. The aquaculture in Africa is actually expensive and Cycle Farms thrives to cut down those costs. It is estimated that it could significantly reduce costs up to 30% which means a lot for the communities there!

Interested? Get in touch with them today! They sell the processed feeds, as well as the equipment too!



Hunter: @plokmi

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*** I'm a bit confused because I love this concept but I fail to see what the "product" is here. The website is 2 years out of date with very little info as well -- :( let me know if I'm missing something here ***

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Hi, thanks for the review. I am actually equally confused as well, because the product is clearly still under research but apparently the official website is not well-constructed. Some of the grant updates are also posted on the Twitter or Facebook instead of this official page.

Anyway, I agree and accept your decision since I am actually, to be frank, unsure too. Thanks anyway, sorry for the trouble!

What is the actual product though @plokmi ? This looks like a technology or process or service, for which the company has funding which is very cool but I fail to see what the physical product is. If you can clear that up for me I'd be happy to pass the post :D

Well, it's actually a system utilizing a 'biorefinery' to convert organic waste into protein, a.k.a insects.

They sell the so-called insects as fish feeds, as well as equipment (the 'biorefinery') itself!

P.S. Actually I do think that this should be delisted, their website is not really kept up to date. Therefore, whilst we could agree the idea is cool, but let's just keep it this way :)

Not a problem, like I said i love the idea but as you said its more of a system than a product :D Look forward to your next one !

I like gardening, and i like the new ideas on this business ;)

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