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Beyond Basic VPN



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Windscribe is a VPN Service (Virtual Private Networks) that offers desktop application and browser extension and work together to block ads and trackers, restore access to blocked content and help you safeguard your privacy online.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using a VPN Service.

  • Prevent leaking personal information
  • Enjoy a safer browsing experience
  • No need to worry about anonimity

I have been a VPN user for years now and I can say that I really made the right choice. It was made sweeter when I bumped on Windscribe. With its free services, you can do a lot already.



Hunter: @pinas

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Thank you @dayleeo for gracing my first hunt.


Welcome @pinas ! Happy to have you here!

Built-in advertising blocker
Many different countries to connect with

There are many other companies that offer exactly the same


  • Encrypt all navigation data, making the experience of internet browsing very safe
  • Blocks advertising that annoys the user.
  • Allows to unblock pages that can not be seen in a certain geographical region
  • Very economical plans
  • Variety of countries available to choose
  • Available for several platforms
  • Give us a free trial


  • I don´t observe any cons for this vpn

More than 10 countries to choose from
Very competitive in pricing

How can this product compete against brands like Tunnel Bear?

Access great websites even if the content is blocked from the governments and authorities

Ad blocker is a plus, and a requirement by default in today's day and age

Unable to use in smartphones


  • Dedicated VPN apps for all major platforms
  • Good online protection
  • Privacy policy is transparent
  • Chrome extension


  • No live chat
  • Setup guides are slightly complex and may put off new users
  • The number of VPN server locations is small

Hi, pinas I've been using a VPN too like this WindScribe VPN.


  • WindScribe is available on google playstore and that is great.
  • WindScribe VPN will allow you to bypass regional restrictions such as china, in addition to secure your browsing using encryption.
  • WindScribe can you use on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS


  • Windscribe is one of very many VPN companies out there claiming to be the best.

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