Klara - Simplified practical diary which increases self awareness

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Simplified practical diary which increases self awareness



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Hunter's comment

Klara is a new kind of diary app. It is free, do not have to pay for it! It is a diary in the style of Dale Carnegie and Bodo Schafer. It is using the technique writing weekly reviews.

In this world, the president of an important Wall Street bank is using this technique.

Also, the app suggested to write down our achievements, mistakes and ideas for self-development purposes.

It can improve our productivity and self awareness.




Hunter: @photo-baby


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HI @photo-baby,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Basically it's like a diary and I'm used to using it and this application completes it with lots of supporting features, I like it and will try it, it's free, thanks for notifying this product in steemhunt.

It is a free daily practice. It's using a lot of techniques. This practice is recommended for writing your own development plans, accomplishments, mistakes and ideas. Thanks for sharing


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