HayScout - Paid, private search engine. Be the customer

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Paid, private search engine. Be the customer



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Hunter's comment

This HayScout is a seraching engine that can search for Web, news & video! It is totally search free from ads, data collection & tracking.

It can protect us in a better way!

It is powered by bing. Yet users need to pay for the queries they use. The results of the searching can be expanded, blocked, or promoted.

It is a very great tool for urban people!




Hunter: @photo-baby


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Great hunt @photo-baby! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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Hayscout , searching site but , not good and popular google. Because the search engine , i think searching not indexed... Its minus i , but your hunt awesome ! thank you

This is the wave. Many are upset about the tracking of searches. We will see many projects that do away with this.

Great hunt although this product has a long way to go.