AWRStudyr - A browser extension to get insights on web technologies

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A browser extension to get insights on web technologies



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Hunter's comment

AWRStudyr is a new browser extension. It can offer powerful web technologies insights when people are open a new web page.

It will analyzing the web page with a list of frameworks .
It can measures the erformance of a page for mobile and desktop devices in term of speed.
It had a HTML5 Validator to checks the markup validity and any mistakes .
It had a Mobile Friendly test by google.
It also had an Accessibility checker and a Mixed content detection!



Hunter: @photo-baby

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This is a great tool for getting some additional knowledge about web technologies while you are browsing. I personally really like the performance measurement for both the desktop and mobile versions. Great hunt!

Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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  • It is a great extension as it gives information especially to new websites you've been on. It adds an extra level of security.

  • It is available for both chrome and firefox which are major browsers.


  • Nothing I can think of.