Razer Wolverine Ultimate - The Best X-BOX Controller and works with PC

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Razer Wolverine Ultimate

The Best X-BOX Controller and works with PC



Hunter's comment

Great News dear gamers this was chosen the Best Controller for Xbox last year and works on your PC as well (Win 10)

Comes with extra buttons for the few that needs them, only the chosen ones, remap multi-function buttos and triggers sensitivity adjustment and customize vibration to improve your gaming experience up to the level you want.

At a glance
Works with Xbox One and PC (Windows 10)
6 additional remappable bumpers & triggers
Interchangeable thumbsticks and D-Pad
Razer Chroma lighting
Comes with carrying case
12 months warranty




Hunter: @pedrodslr


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This is aweome....


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I hope you enjoy this photo from pexels.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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I need to buy 1 more control for my xbox, and this is the right one because I can also use it on my computer.

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Excellent design, I think it's even better than the original Xbox one control.

this is a lovely xbox controller which i believe gamers should love because it is a good development for the gaming world and it will even make gaming more interesting and attractive

I hate to say that but after my (and many other's) experience with the Onza and Sabertooth mess i can not be bothered to buy a Razer Controller again. Ever. Nice design but awful quality.
Hopefully they finally made a product that is remotely worth its pricetag.

This is a great remote control. Great. The wireless version does not come?