Leica M10-P - Go unnoticed in the street

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Leica M10-P

Go unnoticed in the street



Hunter's comment

If you wanna go quiet and unnoticed, there is no better way, the Leica m10-P is just build to that. No signs no logos, no noise.

And not just that, this camera have great features 24 Mp Full Frame sensor, LCD panel (Touch control) SD Storage Media up to 2 TB,. The downside is, this baby costs $7995
Umhuuuu, yes she does

The essence of perfection
The exterior of the Leica M10-P differs from the M10 in only fine details, such as the omission of the red Leica dot, and the matching metal hot-shoe cover that seamlessly merges into the top plate.
Compact, pared down and discrete, the M10-P’s design perfectly reflects what M cameras have always stood for: an understated excellence that allows photographers to capture fleeting moments from the rich tapestry of life.




Hunter: @pedrodslr


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This really an amazing Camera , One of the key things that separates the M10-P from the standard M10 is the new shutter. Leica claims the M10-P features the quietest shutter release of all M-cameras, and it's hard to dispute that. Press the shutter button and the sound is pretty much inaudible – perfect for street photographers. That said, if quietness is your top priority then you might want to think about a mirrorless camera that offers a silent electronic shutter.

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Hey, @pedrodslr you found a cool camera with cool features great hunt

Here is my review


  • The smart design comes with cool features
  • Allow you to capture real nature with a 24Mega pixels camera
  • Comes with LED to see captured photos
  • Support quality battery gives long life
  • Comes in the normal price range
  • Overall great hunt


  • No cons are found

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