ZeFit4 - Stay fit, stylish and connected!

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Stay fit, stylish and connected!



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ZeFit4 is a stylish activity tracker with color touchscreen that tells the time, tracks steps, distance, calories burned and sleep quality.

From ZeFit4 free mobile app, you can choose a watch face from a variety of designs, set daily goals and reminders but also monitor your results on a daily basis. The app helps you to set-up a fitness routine, giving you the possibility to adjust your goals and check your results on a daily basis.






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There are so many of these... simply crazy how businesses evolve, copying each other just to steal a bit of the revenue. Feels almost like, "if you are not copying something that can be copied, then you are stupid"... and you are loosing a money opportunity. Anyway...

I don't really like the UI of the software... of this one. The strap might be better... than Fitbit, but not sure if it will still handle the heavy usage I give to these wearable's.

Copying people's idea initially feel awkward because most people might want to go for the pioneer company but if your price is lesser, you're good to go.

But really, that's one of the easiest ways to make money without brain storming for ideas if you have enough capital.

Unfortunately yes, and I say unfortunately because it also sometimes bring lower quality into products that are evolving in a healthy way and then get destroyed by a bad reputation/design. I am ok though if companies producing products that if recognized as unique (sort of the same as for patents, but in a simpler process that could actually happen on the blockchain), could be protected for an amount of time... giving time for that company to be recognized by what they invented... then competition can arise.

This is why I am ok more or less with these FitBit copies... because I already know how much others attempt to make a copy, suck. The only way someone would gain more confidence over Fitbit, would be to make the same, but with more improvements than Fitbit... that I can tell you... it's not difficult... Anyway! =)

!BEER time...

Sure! Not difficult at all. What makes you so sure Fitbit are the pioneer? I've not used Fitbit, I don't know how it works but I've used GetFit Pro, I like the watch and the interface as well.

Yes, I agree a little improvement for a lower price can get the pioneers of a product out of the business fast and that's if they are slacking.

I don't like the Fitbit hardware... I like the software... but unfortunately, I can't use it with other hardware... you see the dilema...

Wawu! A dilemma indeed! Have fun! See you around...

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...


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