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Better than a taxi



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inDriver is a ride-hailing app available in 200+ cities in 25 countries, and we are growing fast! We are putting the power back in the passenger’s hands. Want to know how you can save up to 30% on rides?

Unlike other taxi apps, inDriver lets you choose a driver from a list of those drivers that accepted your ride request. Choose your driver based on the best deal, arrival time, driver’s rating, number of completed trips and even car model.




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Lol, you just copy-pasted the whole description and didn't bother to write a single word? lol, lazy hunters well tell me is this available all over the world?

I wrote a couple of words but what's the point in removing the quote when it's just a few. I was really busy and I had to post.

I thought I saw 25 countries up there. Well, if 25 countries is "all over the world" to you, then yes. You're even so lazy to read😂😂😂


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This is more like uber than a taxi


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