TimeArrest - Monitor every time you spent on work for money purpose

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Monitor every time you spent on work for money purpose



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Hello, are you having any issues utilizing or Capturing the real time that you spend on reading email in Outlook or typing a Word Documents? Have you been used more time on websites which you don't know the actual time spent? All you need to do is to track them and convert into timesheet entry!
Do you need to track your own applications in you computer? If yes, all you need to do is to just set the exe file name and you are ready to go.

TimeArrest is a windows application which will help to track your daily activities in your computer and will help you to remember all what you did and helps you on your timesheet entries. It will really monitor all the daily event and task. Get it explored today.




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This is a great personal management tool. Most people spend - or waste - a lot of time reading emails, and sometimes just surfing the internet instead of focusing on tasks.

I like the the concept of this and its pretty good. Time is money and we should keep a track of it and also need to use on productive tasks.

Now that home working is becoming into a trend this type of apps are very much needed as let us know how much we should be paid.

Time arrest will make us to be time conscious as we spend a lot of doing irrelevant on our computer. Task with time will now be measured.

Nice concept.

Time should be spent judiciously as it is converted to real money. Time is money in disguise, an app like will us to be accountable to time


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