World Traveler VR - "geo guessing hidden object VR game"

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World Traveler VR

"geo guessing hidden object VR game"



Hunter's comment

Hello steemians and hunters. Again I, @pavonj, come with a spectacular hunt. For you: World Traveler VR.

World Traveler VR is, in principle, a game of hidden objects, but with a particularity that makes it unique: in this game you will have to travel around the world.

At each level World Traveler VR will send you to a different random location and your success will depend on whether you know where you are. It may seem easy, but as you progress the locations become real challenges.

If you add to that the use of virtual reality technology, World Traveler VR offers a unique experience.


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This looks like a fantastic game that teaches you about places at the same time. This is a game that I would play and would definitely get it for my children. We can never stop learning and I think this is important.


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