Todo Show - Atom package that shows a list of todos from your project

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Todo Show

Atom package that shows a list of todos from your project



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Hunter's comment

I use many applications to improve productivity in my daily and business life. Unfortunately, these applications which are very advantageous for project management and follow-up are not very efficient when working on coding. Even in the simplest code string, there are dozens of to-dos, and it can be challenging to move on by saving every one of them in a separate application and finding where they are each time. Imagine that you have saved every bug or improvement in these applications! You can go crazy. So I started looking for an add-on that can work in Atom, and I could write directly on the code file, and I discovered TODO-SHOW. With this small Atom plug-in, you can see your notes in different categories, your to-do list on your code file and work both comfortably and efficiently. It's fantastic, and it works well.



Hunter: @overthinker

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