Shrink Me - Online compresion tool for your JPG & PNG images

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Shrink Me

Online compresion tool for your JPG & PNG images


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Hunter's comment

As the cameras and phones evolve, we have more megapixels and bigger pictures every day. We don't even know how many pictures we take a day. The size of these photos is so big that our homes are now filled with hard drives. If you have a close relationship with the internet, it hurts you a lot, because the web needs to be fast and the speed of it directly affects by size. So you have to every single photo in Photoshop or a similar app, open, minimize, save, load, and that's a severe workload. Shrink Me is a web app that brings a quick and online solution to this problem. It takes your picture and reduces it quickly and easily without compromising quality. The application can also work offline on the browser completely free. It's an excellent solution for those who don't want to deal with Photoshop or have access to the computer!



Hunter: @overthinker

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I have been using this platform for few days and I must say This is a cool website with a simple and easy process to decrease the size of any image.

The images with huge size are one of the top factors when it comes to poor website speed, I experienced it on my own skin a while ago but, once I used some resizing tools, everything got fixed. But, the problem was that I had to use a lot of services to get to the result I desired but, this seems to fix it all. I will probably use it in the future, great hunt.

Keep on hunting.


You're right. Website speeds are unfortunately very sensitive, such as Steemhunt scores :) Thank you for stopping by.

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