GYMERATION - An app that combines social media with fitness

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An app that combines social media with fitness



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In today's world, sports is not just about exercise. Sports also means socializing same time. Because you know the workout is a process that requires dedication and you can make progress much easier if you're not alone.

GYMERATION is an application that has set out to use power of socializing efficiently. This application is for the social butterflies that have made a healthy living, sports, and nutrition as a lifestyle. It allows you to socialize with your friends in the application and to create and share your workout routines, results and nutrition programs with tools that are not available in other applications. If we think that information and sharing is one of the most important things, this project which is still in the stage of funding is promising.



Hunter: @overthinker

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I really need this kind of product and it is very helpful and useful to have around. Am glad you shared this

Wow that awesome someone who forget the diet chart this app easily remind them & those are like to create own diet chart they can easily do that with the help of this app. Its gives you perfect diet you means in how much the quantity you need to eat as well as help you in exercise. I can say this app like a medicine those protect your health & also make them fit.

6~Love this hunt D:~

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