SILIC - Smart clothes can cleanse yourself

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Smart clothes can cleanse yourself



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Have you ever owned and dreamed of an Anti-Stain and Anti-Stain shirt?

SILIC is the solution

SILIC is specially designed clothing with new innovations that have fabric materials that have nanotechnology bonds on microscopic fibers.

In other words, SILIC is an intelligent garment that can be used to clean up dirt. sweat and other sources.

It has elegant features with two basic black and white colors, many more.

Washing is also very easy, even though this water repellent material also needs to be washed, just put it in the washing machine and only use your hands, like other clothes. Maybe that doesn't make sense! but because it looks always new, neat and fragrant, this shirt needs to be washed.



Hunter: @oomcie85

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Wow....amazing.its really awesome I like so much I will again read details thanks for sharing this great hunt. keep it up


awesome..can you please tell me how make this?? i want to know

Hi @oomcie85,

Thanks for your hunt. Before I can approve it I must request that you quote copied content correctly, as per Steemhunt posting guidelines.

Looking at your hunter history, this is not the first time that there’s plagiarism/copy and paste issues. Accordingly I’m putting your hunt in “Pending Edit” state until fixed.

Let me know via a comment reply when you’ve made requested change.


Thank you mod @fknmayhem

I have re-edited it as suggested

Hopefully there are no more similarities and remain on the same theme / goal.


U'r welcome


  • Being able to be washed in a machine but are still waterproof is awesome technology.
  • Comes in a white and black color.
  • Breathable.


  • There are not more colors.

For some athletes or even normal person that are considerably sweaty all the time, find this product as a solution for their struggles to have a comfortable feeling under the sun. Great hunt!

Cmon dude @oomcie85
i am sure you can do better than this...
use your own words, even you use google translate, "THE ORIGINAL" review is the most important here...

cmon i have contacted you at discord too, if you read my message, directly edit your review!


Thank you @calprut.
I have edited again as you suggested

Hi @oomcie85, I will be say this is a shirt that is designed using cool technology, it will be very easy to keep it from naughty mud LOL
And what's even cooler is that this product is number one in trending steemhunt products today. This is awesme dude :)


Hi, also @shaphir influencers.

I think so too, this is my coolest hunting, maybe this is my lucky day, hopefully my brother's GOL

This is so cool. I see a lot of applications for it . For example Mothers gets stained a lot because babies drool over or vomit on their clothes .

Great Hunt



@ogochukwu. Hopefully it will provide solutions for mothers who have babies.

Hello @oomcie85,

This is an extreme advancement in the textile industry and quite innovative idea. This is most useful for the young kids who always make their shirts dirty while playing in the ground. Other than this, one should not need get worried in birthday parties as no cake can harm the clothes now. This is superb innovation and I loved it.

Thanks a lot for this wonderful hunt :)

wow, that is oh so neat hunt which I will surely consider buying for myself and am sure others will also agree.

Wow! This is a nice hunt
SILIC is another innovative cloth design which avoids itself to get get stained and also cleans itself.

  • Silic has a nice design
  • the cloth is washable unlike other one which you will only use once.
    @oomcie85 you did a great job 👏

Happy hunting 💞

Silic is cool shirt. It can avoid dirt, water and clean itself. It's so cool. I love it. I want to buy it.

Nice hunt, brother!


Thank you my brother

Cool! $48 is reasonable, and if it can stay its property for up to 80 wash cycles durability is okay too. I just wonder why backing period is 2014.. is it really 4 yrs ago?


Maybe so friend.
We hope in the future to really have it.

Super Cool Product and this is the shirt what i am looking for and i am glad that i found it today curtsy to your hunt. Water Repellent, Stain free fabric it means super comfort. Thanks for telling us about this shirt, Stay blessed.

I guess we don't need to wash clothes anymore, LoL, such a great hunt. Thanks for sharing.

I love the technology. The idea of waterproof fabrics being used for daily wear is amazing. This tech would be better suited for coats, though. Imagine wearing a waterproof jacket or trenchcoat in the rain. Though, personally, I'm a little confused about how to clean them. You said something about putting them in the washing machine, but how do you wash waterproof fabrics? Lol! Something to think about, I guess.

Oh really? Would this ever get dirty or would there be a need to do laundry? lols! If it doesn't allow dirt on it,then i don't see the need for laundry. Nice hunt!

It looks great. It is goot not to get dirty easily. What a great shirt.

Perfect shirt for parties :)

Yes it looks amazing. The drinks are being spilled but it's not leaving any stains on the shirt thanks to the application of nanotechnology.

Wow, amazing hunt there @oomcie85, i do hope that this shirt will be available in the market with a low price or maybe not that expensive so that ordinary people can easily buy it. Cool!

(1) It is made up of microscopic fibers designed with nanotechnology.
(2) It is water-proof and stain proof as well.
(3) Washing is quite easy.

Thank you,....steem on that hunt...

This type of products will be common in the near future. Especially it can be used by sports or dirty activities. Watching it is amazing I will search little bit more about it. Thanks

This type of clothes can be really useful in camping because you don't have many possibility to wash them. Also if it rains your clothes will be dry anyway. I like this good hunt thanks

Silic has created a successful product in nanotechnology. A nice solution to all the stains, including sweat. I would like to buy it. Is the effect really like in the pictures? Thanks for sharing

This type of clothes can be really good to wear in a party or a serious meeting. There can be always a mistake with a drink or something like that an your cloth will be dirty. Now these clothes prevent this occurrence. Thanks for sharing

It looks amazing and you will keep your clothes always clean. Its really good idea and I think I will search to buy one of it. I like it and its really cool product. Thanks for it

This T-shirt looks awesome and I wish to own one of this. It would be more lovely if clothing materials have this properties, as one wouldn't worry much as regards stains or wetness.

This technology is amazing. I saw a few samples before but Silic is the best one, I have ever seen. Great hunt.

My thought was like this cloth will be so difficult in washing, but since it’s not, it is a cool one. It’s good to have an anti stained cloth like this

This is super cool, ideal for some crazy parties or something :) Cool hunt @oomcie85!

The clothes is very cool and it is waterproof. The gif is very amazing that it could agaist fluid. So you don't need to worry about making your clothes dirty.

Great hunt here. I sure would like to own a T shirt like this one because I get really messy at times, and this can be the solution I need.

Great Hunt! now no need to worry about clothes while eating and drinking with this silic waterproof and stain-free clothes. Great hunt you shared Good luck and thanks for your hunt keep hunting on

This clothes is looking awesome and i will tried to find in the market and buy it. I never seen this type of product before I like waterproof and stain-free clothes good hunt thanks

At times, I think how much time we have to spend to wash and then press our clothes. Eversince I was a kid, I used to think of something that could help us save from such a time taking activity. Thanks to technology that today, we have got products that used to be a far reaching dream just 2-3 decades ago. Silic is a great example of clothes from the future. I'm already a fan. Good job.

In my country I never seen this type of shirt in the market.In rainy day With this kind of clothes users won't have any issues .This is very cool.I would like to buy waterproof and stain-free clothes.

I would like to know how it absorbs sweat and how we would do it to wash it since it does not absorb anything

This really awesome Hunt ...
So cool the product...

what I will doing if I have this t-shirt 😍😍 maybe I don't need to washing my clothes

Great job today @oomcie85
Congratulations for the leaderboard today hope you'll the first.

I think everybody needs one type of this cloth. Its really interesting and you can show it to your friends to have fun with it. Wearing it on a rainy day must be helpful for you. Thanks

unnamed (1).gif
Your Hunt Is Very Wonderful


  • It's waterproof so can be used even in the rainy season.

  • It can be used to clean up sweat.

  • It's easy to wash / maintain.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.

waoo great hunt .this product is really appreciable rainy day our clothes will be dry in rain .I can say this is a shirt that is designed using great technology and i will be buy waterproof and stain-free clothes.

Wow this thing is so amazing!!!
clothes with stain free and water proof properties. This is just mind blowing. I never thought its happening. This is our future guysss!
Amazing hunt!

Stain-free and water. Sili is really so amazing and great product. Perfect hunt.

I definitely need clothes that do not stain. Especially in summer I am changing almost 5 clothes a day. It will be very beneficial for me to wear a stain-free, non sweaty outfit.

Yes, I've heard about this technology before and at first sight, it seemed like magic. Actually, it has been used as magic for some time. In current times, this is important to have tools that help you save time and energy to continue with you life in seamless way. Silic is a perfect example of such a product that matches with our current times. Great product @oomcie85.

Nice hunt!!

  • this is one of those things I've always wished for and I gat no idea it already existed in this form (not never wet). A self cleaning cloth especially for my whites.
  • One thing I love about it is that it is washable. 80 cycles.


  • None for this hunt.

Great Hunt @oomcie85. I really like this shirt and this is also waterproof. Thank you for sharing this awesome shirt.

A cloth that is waterproof and machine washable. I watched gif and the video, its amazing. It looks like a very good product. If you are afraid of lathering, this product is great solution. Thanks

Very unique type of clothing and very useful in everday life. This can really save more time in washing the clothe. Eczxellent

great shirt man that is waterproof and anti spots is the best thing is to look if there is only white

A waterproof shirt in a few words, it is impressive what nanotechnology does, apart from this waterproof shirt I have seen that any material can make it resistant to any liquid, excellent hunter, greetings ..


Thank you very much

Glad to see "SILIC" an interesting Hunt you created @oomcie85.

Great innovation i think i need such kind of tea shirt and want to use in rainy weather. Awesome features i noted while seeing whole video.Thanks for sharing such a wonder full hunt so stay hunting.


You are welcome brother

A question comes to my mind after i see this product. If i go into the sea with SILIC, what would happen ?

Most lovable SILIC

that's good! It looks really amazing product! And it can clean the dirt, water and itself, good Idea, save water in washing shirts.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

I wish my uniforms are like this when I was still in dental school, or all my clothes. 😊 Great Hunt!

I never seen any clothes available like that in the market. This is really a great hunt and I love to have one for this! I wish this will be readily available in the market.


Thank you @jassennessaj.
Yes, right, if clothing like this is available on the market, I'm sure the production side will be overwhelmed to produce more.

Pros and Cons
-save water in washing
-dirt free, stain free cloths

-can it be wash multiple time with detergent?


Thank you @biuiam.
I hope so.

Cool hunt

I think it important for certain group of people like painters , mechanics , chefs etc . However , other people can also use them.


people who are such professionals, I think they will buy it, even though the price is a little high. thanks

This is a great hunt! Can we ask all clothing manufacturers to use this fabric please? 😀


Thank you @macoolette.

I agree, if all producers use materials like this, it will be very beneficial for the consumers themselves.


You're welcome. :)

With this kind of product users won’t have any issues when it comes to a rainy day. I hope to acquire such a good product


right, hopefully this dress will be a substitute for an umbrella that will keep your body from rain

I saw someone did a hunt similar to this and am really impressed with it. Is like his is for swimming but this is quiet different as yours can be washed with hands or machine and it has 2 colours

If I tell you I believe this kind of cloth exist then I am liar because stuffs like this seems fake but it's real

Having this, you don't have to wash because d dirt won't stay

Disadvantage is that it cannot be customized


Thank you friend.
I think so

Wao I cant believe this that and it is great hunt my friend . I have a garments shop in my city but I didn't see this tyoe of shurt in market



Hopefully the company will immediately launch into the market

Its a perashoot stuff . But anyway awaesom hunt dear I really like it and the diffirent from other garments metirial

This is an absolute great invention! Why would this type of fabric still have to be washed? Or will bacteria still nestle itself in the fabric?


Maybe not because of stains or dirt.

It could be due to smell or bacteria so it needs to be washed


Yeh, bacteria could be it. BTW, with salt, bacteria don't smell, so next step is to build salt into the fabric :)

I think a self-cleaning t-shirt is a great product for everyone. I'd like to have a product like that. It's really handy. GREAT HUNT!

I have a problem, eating food in the garment becomes dirty. I think SILIC is the perfect cloth for me. That is why want one immediately. Thanks @oomcie85 for your hunting.


You are welcome @hafizullah.
Hopefully Silic provides the best solution.

I like this technology sometimes we go out to eat or just walk around and we spill some soda or food on our clothes with this we will not have that problem anymore


my friend, I hope so

T-shirts that won't get wet no matter how much you pour water!! Wow, answer me. Then how do I do the laundry? I have a simple curiosity. It's not mentioned here, but that's what the developer thought about, right?^^


You can wash like ordinary clothes, use the machine and hand it easier.
On the web also said that. it won't trouble you.

Great hunt
Nice one! It looks really amazing! I really want to have one!
This is mind blowing! I think this would made our day more convenient!
Thanks for the sharing


Yes, friend.
Thank you again

So no need to worry about stain on clothes. SILIC is a great hunt. Thanks for sharing.


You are welcome.
hopefully SILIC provides a solution

Wow!! so fine clothes. I never this clothes before. i want also buy it. It so great. where it's available?

so dope!!! i need this tshirt especially i'm a clumsy person and I get food or drinks spilled on my clothes everytime 😅


I was watching some youtube videos about these t-shirts and I always wanted one!

I really want to have such clothes. At times, I think what happens if we start wearing clothes just to cover our privates and eating just to be alive. Big cartels and companies will fall off and consumers like me will finally have peace of mind. :D Just joking...this is a great product. Thumbs up @oomcie85. Hunt more such products man, I want to be billionaire. ;)

Well with thus type of clothe we don't need to bother about having a wet clothe all we need is just one of this then, we are good to go

Thank you for all who participated in giving aspirations, contributions, suggestions and support for the hunt for this product, sorry if you did not have time to give a reply to each of my friends, hopefully understand, thank you all 🙏

oomcie85 very nice work dear


Thank you

It's a great initiative. I like it because of its self cleaning feature. Haha

Nice I like it and thank you for sharing this post with us


You are welcome friends.

It's very waterproof. How much will this be? I want to buy it in Korea, too.


Don't know friends.
Right now I'm looking for it, maybe the price will be different in every country

It's a really innovative product.
Design is also nice and cool products.

Awesome i like it this T shirt and now i go to market to buy this awesome shirt and Thanks You

Does anyone know where can you buy these? The Kickstarter project ended in 2014.


I haven't found it in the clothing market.

yes, hopefully in the future the production will relaunch as we expected

This is really awesome hunting. As my view i did not think it before, after seeing it I am really surprised.

Wow amazing! No worry for any stain at all😊


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