ENTRUPY - Scanner of Product Authenticity

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Scanner of Product Authenticity



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Entrupy is a solution to authenticate and act as a portable scanner that is packaged in a single algorithm, so auditioning to several products that are already connected in a microscopic device and the iOS mobile application to the authenticity of the product you have carefully.


Entrupy has built an algorithm as a detector that will analyze various materials from canvas and wood.




Hunter: @oomcie85


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Thank you @geekgirl moderator

Wow it is very wonderful product.I am surprised show for it is! You are publicity a great product


Thanks @urme33.
I think so, supported the android application can check the authenticity of the product that you will buy, hopefully it helps


This is:

  • 100% Unique
  • 100% Functional
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    My vote for you: 76%

For women who like to buy original clothes this is going very well .. It would be very difficult to be scammed once again.

Absolutely, for this product is highly recommended to mothers who like shopping


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