Lynket - The browser for a smooth mobile browsing experience

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The browser for a smooth mobile browsing experience



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Browsing on mobile is a lot different than desktop.

Lynket is a lite weight mobile browser that uses custom chrome tabs. It comes with a lot of cool features, can serve as your primary or secondary browser. Lynket checks for AMP versions of web pages giving you a sleeker and quicker reading experience. It prevents distractions because it can load multiple links in floating bubbles which you can open at your convenience. It can also sync with your preferred browser. It comes with a lot of customisable settings and is an open source app available for both android and iOS devices



Hunter: @onequality

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Great app, one of the best browsers out there I think.It is fast and so much better than normal internet browsers.

I love this tiny browser being minimalist. I installed it on a low resources device and it works well. Simple, lite and configurable

The best browser out there, very customizable, fast and clean user interface. It's reasonably fast and pretty reliable.

Awesome Hunt,

This browser has a pretty cool user interface, although I'm addicted to Google chrome but I'll give this one a shot for some days.

The idea of browsing seamlessly and fast sounds good. That's one of the main reasons I like a browser. Great

I've just downloaded it for my phone.Love this browser for the simple fact there's more privacy than Crome and its super fast.

Just beautiful. It has almost every features I would like on a browser. Change web page text size, full screen mode, edge swipe gestures for previous page and forward page... Moreover, it's light and fast

Reason why I love this is that it’s so fast to connect to the internet, I can’t wirknon low connection. Thanks so much for this hunt. I will get this installed

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Awesome! Thank you so much

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