IROKOtv - A gateway to African movies (Netflix of Africa)

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A gateway to African movies (Netflix of Africa)



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Many times we crave to learn more about the world around us but get constrained by circumstances beyond our control. The internet has made it easier for us to get to know about other countries and continents.

IROKOtv is an app that makes it possible for you to experience the African culture from the comfort of your home or wherever you are, with your mobile device ad-free! It has been dubbed the "Netflix of Africa" and costs $14.99 USD per quarter.

The app is available on Android and iOS



Hunter: @onequality

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Jason Njoku the brain behind Irokotv is one of the most dogged entrepreneurs to have come out of Africa.

He is making huge strides and I am proud to be his Countryman

Great Hunt @onequality

Awesome hunt,

I've been using this app to watch movies for years now and it's really great. Thanks for bringing it here on steemhunt bro. Stay awesome.

I have approved it :)

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Every movie lovers from especially West Africa, South Africa and even other part of Africa must have heard or come across irokotv, it is as rightly described - the Netflix of Africa. It is a must app for Bollywood, ghollywood(not sure of the spelling) and other indigenous African movies. Cool hunt @onequality.

You Killed This, Now Recoil!

Ogbeni this hunt totally got me for real.. the home of awesome African movies indeed...I for one love this app
Nice hunt Hunter
I dey for you!!

I have never watched African Movies but they may be interesting. For sure I will visit IROKOtv. Thanks for sharing.

Now I can download african movies.
Love it cos it's ad free

Great hunt @onequality

I love learning new things about other countries and cultures, but the resources are really limited. With this app I think I will learn new things about the African culture, I will install it on my phone.


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