Gjemeni Couch - High Tech Foldable Couch that comes in a box

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Gjemeni Couch

High Tech Foldable Couch that comes in a box



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Hunter's comment

One of the last places I'll expect to find the implementation of technology is in furnitures. It almost feels like furnitures have a standard way they all should be made. Gjemeni, however, is a lot different.

It can work as a simple couch, fold flat into a sleeping area and it’s around the size of a full sized bed. It is very easy to assemble and has 4 USB ports and two 110-volt sockets for your electronic devices.

It costs $999




Hunter: @onequality


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Gjemeni couch is a very beautiful furniture design.it has many good function like it can easily converted to bed.it also have 4 USB ports and two 110-volt sockets for electronic devices.I would definitely like to have this one in my room.very impressive hunt.

Now I'm wonder how the product is been lost below when it deserves to be in the top 20
For a furniture that large to get collapse to a luggage of such size is totally amazing
Awesome hunt


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