Block Apps - Block your distracting apps and become more productive

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Block Apps

Block your distracting apps and become more productive



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Hunter's comment

Block Apps helps you prevent apps from opening for a specified period. It locks you out of the app letting you devote your time to more productive pursuits. You can create multiple blocks for different apps. These blocks cannot be turned off. You have the option of even preventing Block from being uninstalled by enabling device administrator permission.

This app is available for Android devices only.



Hunter: @onequality

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Impressive Hunt, Your Hunt just got Verified!

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Wonderful ,apps especially chatting apps always deviate and distract one attention while using the phone , this app above will do a lot of good by making us more devoted and less distracted while we want to do something important on out phone without wanting to be distracted

Would be needing this, Perhaps more than the hunter who posted this. Lol.

In other words, it helps you manage your time appropriately, relieve you of distractions and also could be use as a form of security or child support making apps not accessible.

Nice Hunt

hahahaha wow!
remind of this when I am about to write my exam. useful app indeed

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