Angelfish - Websites, booking systems and bespoke software for business

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Websites, booking systems and bespoke software for business


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Hunter's comment

This is a very secure web analytics software which helps you track how much visitors interact with your website.

It also serves as a guide to develop your website to be successful and effective with some knowledge tips of what works best online based on experience.

It also serves as a good digital marketing tool and it is quite a good recommendation to try.



Hunter: @onequality

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Hi @onequality,

Thanks for your hunt but I can not approve it because AngelFish delivers services, yet doesn’t have an actual product fitting the Steemhunt product scope. AngelFish’s product is manual labor, a team delivering development/design of software.

As per Steemhunt posting guidelines:

2. Types of Products to Post

Steemhunt generally covers unique IT or hardware products, including:

2-1. Web services
2-2. Mobile apps
2-3. API, IT solutions, bots, open sources or other types of software
2-4. Tech gadgets, hardware, IoT/connected/wearable devices
2-5. Games
2-6. Innovative Engineering/Design Products (It may cover non-tech products that have been invented based on high-level engineering/design approach to solve a major problem)

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