Waterseer - Get pure endless drinking water from air

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Get pure endless drinking water from air



Hunter's comment

Another very useful hunt from me.

We know the problem on getting pure water, hear the solution.

WaterSeer is low maintenance, green and mobile Atmospheric pure endless water producer.

Based on weather conditions it produce water.
For this it use very low power.

It exceeds all EPA standards for water purity and quality.

But little bit expensive. Each one is $1087.00




Hunter: @omkardivya


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Hi @omkardivya,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.


PS: make your .gifs slower. I even can’t read the EPA text before the next slide is shown.

That is a valid reason for delisting (low quality image guideline covers that). But I like a good hunt.

Yet, remember that gifs are not slideshows. Steemhunt has a slider.

It would be great to use it in a country where water is scarce but electricity is inexpensive. I think this will allow me to grow plants even in places where water is hard to get. But I think the price per unit is too high.

Nice hunt, @omkardivya. Getting water from air is such a cool idea. I hope in the future more and more areas with limited water supply will get it installed.

What an amazing way of getting clean water that is already available to buy, wow. It's really imressive how you can extract water from the atmposhere.and apparently there is more water in the atmosphere than in all the rivers and fresh water reservoirs on the planet combined. Simply amazing.

This is an amazing product for places with water scarcity and periods of drought.


Thank you for giving your review

@omkardivya, this is great to get pure water. Would sure like to try this out and see how it works but this thing looks a bit expensive. In any case, this is a cool hunt.


Yes thank you

WOW!, nice hunt @omkardivya

After this I will enter your product review into the Top 3 list on my blog.

This product is very cool, why? Just imagine that you can get pure water from the air. Of course, this will be very efficient when we are in an area that is difficult to get water.

Or, we can also use it to support our health.


Thank you very much for your great support

Cool hunt

I think this tool is the need of hour owing to the scarcity of water in scorching heat these days . But it is expensive enough for everybody to take its advantage .


I agree with you

It's amazing. I think it could help us drink water anytime anywhere. I really like it and I'd like to use it. It's really useful for me. Thank you for sharing a nice product.

This is a great technology that could bring water security and independence for years to come. Areas with high humidity can really benefit from this since there is more "water" in the atmosphere in those places. Thanks for this hunt.


Thanks for your great review

This is one of those things when the solution is so good you would think how we didn't do this before. The importance of having pure drinking water is clear to all of us. The price is high no doubt, but lets hope in time it will go down.

The product is fine and useful as you said. But the price is really expensive and it's not accessible for everyone. I think it'll be cheaper in near future and it'll be accessible for everyone because our clean water sources won't be enough for human kind and also animals. So, everyone will need these kind of products for clean water. That's my thought...


Yes I agree with you, in future we may get at reasonable price

Nice Hunt @omkardivya, Dear it is not so expensive. It produce water and water = Life.


  • Produce water from air
  • Provide Pure water for drinking
  • Low-maintenance solution


  • None

Thank you very much


  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Provides an endless supply of pure water from the air.
  • Contains an underground collection chamber.
  • Take care of the environment.


  • Any

This UA another cool product it will give a pure water with low power intake .. Just the cost is something too expensive

Nice product

Excellent hunt


We produce water from air
New idea
Very simple to use




Thank you

Hello @omkardivya, Very good your hunting.
What a good product, it is a team that will help our generation and future to the great consequence of water scarcity. Ecologically, the bad for its high price is difficult to acquire.


For investing unnecessary things its better to invest


Water from the air ? Seriously ?
This is one of the great product of this year. They made one of the unique and useful product. I will look do more research on this.I checked their site and community doing great work.

Great hunt my friend :)


Thank you

Innovative way of acquiring clean water, useful product and a must have.


Thank you very much

double comment sorry


Whoah that is amazing. A great way to extract water from the air. It is very simple to use and it doesn't need that much of enegry. It also excedees standards for water purity and quality, amazing.
Well it is expensive i must say but it is totally worth it.

Great hunt @omkardivya!


Thank you very much for your great review

Excellent hunt

This product could help people drink clean water. But it is quite expensive. Anyway, great product!!


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