Praditus Personality Test - A Perfect Mirror Image of Yourself

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Praditus Personality Test

A Perfect Mirror Image of Yourself



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Self-reflection is a tool to improve oneself and to achieve a better way of life. Praditus Personality Test App is a free mobile app that helps to learn more about oneself in an accessible and friendly manner. If you are having a problem with personal development and or you are having issues qualifying your personality, this App is highly recommended for you. This app will take you through a series of tests developed by a team of PhDs in management and psychometrics.


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This app sound sounds like a very cool casual app to have. Not really sure of the accuracy of the test results... But Looks like a cool app to explore and it might also contain some good informations to learn from as well.

Ha! Not sure I want to try this as the results may not comply with my thoughts!? Could be a great learning curve for many....


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