SUNRA Miku Max - Electric Smart Scooter

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SUNRA Miku Max

Electric Smart Scooter



Hunter's comment


SUNRA MIKU MAX is a combination of electric scooter with electric moped and sans pedal, single-seater with 800W rear hub motor to reach speeds of 45 km / h (28 mph) with 60V20AH lithium-ion battery and charging time only takes 4 hours to 100 %.
In its home country, China is quite popular, produced by Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle Co.Ltd. (SUNRA), the working capacity of nearly 5,000 people with 500 engineers, is capable of producing 4 million EVs each year with many types.
SUNRA MIKU MAX sold for $ 700, fair enough with the specifications obtained.


My opinion

The price is not too expensive, recharging only takes 4 hours to full for a maximum distance of 60 km, the speed of 45 (km / h) and that is quite good as an alternative energy vehicle.

Miku Max electric scooters



Hunter: @olgiz247

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  • Disc Break
  • Digital.
  • Battery last for 4 hours.
  • Affordable.


  • Not found any.

excellent hunt, it is loaded in only 4 hours, it lasts approximately 60 km its load that is quite acceptable, it has very good speed, a super original design. and a very accessible price and offers good performance. I love.

I see a lot of different types of Scooters but SUNRA Miku Max is the coolest one and its name is also cute. With its features, perfect hunt.


Yes indeed @adimus, thanks for your good feedback :)

Very good electric vehicle for the city, perfect to move without polluting (especially in Chinese cities, the inhabitants need clean & fresh air). Great hunt @olgiz247

I am bike but i never see electric bike i need to purchase this bike and thank you for sharing this beautiful hunt

This Scooter looks really nice. But it doesn't look good for fat people. I hope they work in this. GREAT HUNT!


Good comments as a review, maybe the developer should know about that, the typical "C" steel frame what they are embedded in this product, is only able to withstand a maximum weight of 75kg, maybe equivalent to the price offered. Nice comment @thesky n thank you :)

Woah! That's unique! Love the extra storage space. Looks cool too!

I love it perfect for city living


Indeed, thanks @viraldrome :)


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