- Build Steemit to be better and trusted

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Build Steemit to be better and trusted



Hunter's comment

First of all, I haven't been long in Steemit community, lots of other news or information that sometimes I ask myself the validity.

A while ago, I read the announcement of, quite interesting and might be the solution.

Basically, inviting the Steemit community to post their articles through this platform and it will go through several stages to be quality controlled by the curator team and if approved by the curator team will be displayed, However, there is another option to keep displaying posts with tags related to the information the post has the support of the curator team or not.

Further information can be seen in the announcement of (Beta) here.

All credit picture and information by @steemstem



Hunter: @olgiz247

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Hi @olgiz,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

Please read our posting guidelines. If you have any questions, please join our Discord Group.

Steemstem is a great community on Steem, I'm happy they updated to this new website.


From the beginning I knew that your hunting would be accepted, this community is very good, it focuses on post related to STEM, it was time to launch your application, use it and I liked it, the way that filters the post is very good

I was going to hunt this but found out someone has beaten me to it. As a steemstem member, the app for the community has been long overdue and it came out with a bang. It has awesome features that you can't find anywhere on the steem blockchain.


You are right, there are many awesome features there, I personally like and support this project, thank you for stopping by @gentleshaid

I waiting for the launch of this app so I can hunt it and coming here to see its been hunted its heart breaking.... So cool stuff, I miss the days of reading science post everyday

Cool hunt brilliant idea by team steemstem

So surprised to find the steemstem featured here and that's whay I gave an 100% upvote. Nice work!

Great hunt! It's a really cool item. I think it will help the Steemit community. I hope the day comes when more people use Steemit. Thank you for sharing.

I saw a post on this yesterday. It is a great idea. I am not much of a science person but I think it great to get specialization like that.

It is just a matter of time until they have their own home, SteemSTEM has brought something great into this Blockchain, unfortunately, my country is not supported by it, and I understand why this happened.

this site is fabulous has been some time waiting for it is great to group all those articles on STEM and that we can see and share too, is definitely very good, thank you or share.

I will try to use,and I.hope it will.give good impact to the is a good project most especially for the creativity and activity it triggers on the steem blockchain. It supports technology and innovation content creators and is helping both the creators and the steem blockchain itself bring of value to the people.
No cons for steemstem, Will participate in this community as well, a great way to bring about value on steemit.

This is truely building steemit to be a more better place as we have good and high quality posts coming from the niche back then


Happy to see steemstem moving forward even though i never get their upvote despite all my science and health post.

Post will go through several stages to be quality controlled by the curator team and if approved by the curator team will be displayed

Nice hunt hunter

Steemstem is a great community, and they doing great job!! I didn't know that they have their own site, thanks for sharing!!
Awesome Hunt!!

Oh wow, theres an update already on stemsteem??

I am definitely going to surf the web and see things for myself. Thanks for this great hunt.

Ich finde es Klasse wie sich alles Entwickelt und finde die Gemeinschaft von Steemit großartig und freue mich immer auf neues!

The user interface seems to be implemented very well. This might not be the game changer but it will definitely boost the user experience. Nice hunt.

I like the steem stem community and will use this website to support them. Thanks for a great hunt.

Thanks for featuring this website. It's a great project hub for curating STEM-related content in the STEEM blockchain. I like how the website only features manually curated content. It gives the site more credibility and really establishes the STEM Community's "fact over fiction" motto.

Great hunt! I think it will help the Steemit community. So i like this community.