Skyscraper 4D - Realistic Tower Building

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Skyscraper 4D

Realistic Tower Building



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Hunter's comment


Skyscraper 4D is a game application to become an Architect, Engineer and also a Real Estate Developer, that skill is not needed, what is needed is the creative side of things with imagination, because all construction is made automatic and easy to use the interface.
Skyscraper 4D is made in such a way as to approach reality, it is suitable for those interested in learning building construction etc.


Developer: Skyscraper 4D LLC
Size: 109.7 MB
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later
Price: Free - Offers In-App Purchases

Version History

1.0 - Apr 3, 2018
1.7.1 - Aug 26, 2018 (Last Update)

My opinion

Great game in the field of building construction, with awesome 4D graphics, an easy-to-use interface. This whole game is cool!



Hunter: @olgiz247

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I have height fear, it is impossible for me to be interested in real skyscrapers, but I can try this game. Great hunt.


Thank you for your interest, hv a good day 😊


You are welcome, have a good day, too :)

The saying about imagination being the soul of brilliance and intelligence holds true here. With just imagination and a good hand on the console, I could actually do building constructions?. Instead of having to go through 4 or 5 years of studies. This is just too cool. Great hunt.


That's what I mean, learning while doing and of course it's fun.
by the way, thank you for your kind feedback

Definitely it looks so realistic, I have never had experience with thiskindof game but I would like to. Great hunt.


indeed, the 4D graphics are very good, look real ... thank you for your good feedback 😊

I'm loving this game, this game is giving me a mode of how the real skyscraper really is. I love it.

Nice Hunt

Great hunt, very impressive


Thank u 😊


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