Rayvolt - Classic Electric Bikes Clad in Retro Leather

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Classic Electric Bikes Clad in Retro Leather



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Hunter's comment

Rayvolt is a classic electric bicycle that is coated with high-quality retro-impressive leather, offering clean, high-tech riders while maintaining a cultural style.

  • Maximum speed 30 - 40 km / h
  • Single battery mileage up to 35 - 45 km / h
  • Dual battery mileage up to 60 km - 120 km
  • Full charging takes 1 hour
  • Separate chargers with solar power take 4 hours
  • Control of the display via the EIVA application can be via iPhone or Android mobile devices.




Hunter: @olgiz247


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I love everything Classic/Retro. This is a beautiful electric bike. I love everything about the design. I love the fact that it fully charges in one hour. I can go and have lunch and it will be fully charged when I am done. Top speeds are very nice and the distance is really good as well. Great HUnt @olgiz247.

This one looks very cool :) The concept of dual battery is also a good one. The speed is nice and having a phone application is definitely a pro.

It's a beautifully designed bike. The leather gives it a luxe feel. The best part is that despite the retro design, it's still a modern vehicle that runs on electricity and that you can hook up to your smartphone. You've got the best of both worlds right there.

This is no doubt an amazing electric bike the style and grace of this bike is gorgeous and i think If someone want a mixture of performance and looks then buying this e-bike is probably a good idea. Great Hunt

I love the retro leather and the design of this bike. Riding this bike can be a real pleasure! :)


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I hope you enjoy this photo from pexels.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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Have you been japon. If you been did you see the people were using bicycle. In your country also they are using. For that elctric bike multiplied. One of them Rayvolt. Awesome hunt.

When i will buy the bike i am looking first to driving is easy or not. I saw the rayvolt bike it has colorful and nice designe, Useful product. Great hunt.

Why people using the bike? It is not so expensive like car and motorcycle for that many people using. But bike using be the diffcult when we will drive to uphill be the diffucult. For that elctric bike is verynice. Nice product.

Rayvolt were produced electric bike with Clad in Retro Leather. Beautifully designed. Comfortable electric bicycle. 25 30 km per hour speed. One hour with a single charge goes the way. backup battery. Thanks for the hunt.

Unfortunately this is the brand's name and not an individual product.

I began not to upvote electrical bikes because there are so many of them but Rayvolt is so stylish and innovative one. Perfect hunt.

Retro leather electric bike with different combinations. It has a classic look. It can do a moderate speed. With a single charge you can go 45 Km. A very good distance. I like retro products.

Great Hunt @olgiz247. I like this Electric Bike. I want to ride this bike for the enjoyment. I wait for your next cool hunt.

I like electrical bikes but Rayvolt is different from most of them with its retro design. I liked it very much. Perfect hunt.

Wow mate its really a classic electric biycycles & its look so much attractive also like one thing is that it takes only 1 hour for full charging i mean that's really great....

Great hunt

Wao it is veryvery beautifull cycle . This is electric cycle and this is verythe helpfull. For our generation. I like to ride this type of cycles

This hunt is AWESOME!, artistic, classic retro, and following the trends of today's electrical technology, the electronic technology feature is also cool.
Nice Bike! I like it!

I guess we will see a lot of electronic bikes for a long time , Rayvolt is so innovative and stylish one with its designation and also features.

I think I like the speed it can go. With this one, you never have to worry about long distances.
It is all save on this bike.
Thanks for sharing this hunt!

Pros: The design and leather accents are just beautiful, very sleek and classic
high mileage with dual battery
choice of solar power which takes a little longer to charge

no cons that I can see... I want one!

I love it, although it's not very fast, its design gives it a great touch of rudeness and classic style. It's definitely the coolest looking bike. A very good hunt, friend!

Thanks for share this hunt!

Wow amazing this bicycle look like a bike i like it this bicycle and thank you for invention new technology

I love this bike's design. I want to buy it because I can use it in my town. It can be recharged in an hour and I can reach 40 KM

Thanks for your great hunt!

This is another addition to the electric bikes.

  • Maximum speed 30 - 40 km / h
  • Single battery mileage up to 35 - 45 km / h
  • Dual battery mileage up to 60 km - 120 km

Good Hunt!

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Great hunt THis type of bike is very attractive to me thanks for this bike and i will try to buy it If i will collect some money. LOl!

Wow ...very cool.

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Hello, @ olgiz247, great hunting.
Autonomy 60 - 120 km.
Charging the battery takes 1 hour.
Maximum speed is sufficient.
Screen control via application.
He has Front and rear light.
Bicycle simple - looks great.

Motorcycle were easy for to use before now bicycle be the easy for use. Because they produce eletric bicycle. This is so good for the people. One of the bicycle is Rayvolt.

with a beautiful and elegant design, evokes a retro wave and brings us good memories, efficient in its performance is an excellent bike, I love it

This is so cool. I love all the feautures of this bike. It has dual battery which can serve so long while on service. This is so cool, Great Hunt

I have been seeing a lot of electric bikes lately and i personally think electric bike are now gradually taking over. With 1hr to get it full, control and dual battery is something to consider. Nice one.


Great Hunt!

I love the style and the classic look for this hunt. Hope to try this soon :)


Adorable bike


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This Rayvolt can configure with a powered hub and single battery a Rayvolt can travel between 25 km - 50 km? Amazing bicycle hunt @olgiz247